Oil and Gas

RKO Steel Limited worked with Nabors and their subsidaries to assist in the fabrication of five separate land drilling rigs. As the relationship progressed, so has the commitment to delivering more complete rig packages.

Initially, RKO was involved with was three of Nabors PACE™ heli-portable rigs. The heli-portable rigs are moved using a Russian MI26 helicopter capable of lifting 20 tonnes. These rigs were designed to capture the market of customers that have difficult drill locations (i.e. arctic, environmentally sensitive, cost prohibitive, etc.).

RKO was mainly involved with the power systems, mud systems and masts with the heli-portable rig projects. The later two rigs were 750 kip, sling-shot style substructures, capable of pad drilling (with a stomper system) or single hole configuration drilling.

These two projects had RKO deliver all fabricated modules related to the rig to a “plug and play” status, with final commissioning happening by Nabors with RKO staff involvement.

Here are some of our Oil Rig Projects.

rig-105-calgary-004Nabors – Heli Rig Project

base1legupCanrig – Three 1500 HP AC Drilling Rigs

img_2759Mast Structures



tc44-01_04Fuel Tank