About Us

RKO Steel Limited has been serving Canadian, US and other international customers with quality manufactured steel products, quality coatings, fast / safe / reliable steel erection, and general  construction for over 30 years.

Our record speaks for itself – we were the first in our industry to become ISO 9002 registered and have won the North American Steel Fabricator of the Year Award.

Our team is dedicated, fully trained and certified to the highest level of safety and quality standards. We employ the best and brightest of all disciplines in the industry, including: engineers, designers, planners, project managers, skilled labourers and operators.

We rely on our growing list of satisfied customers. Whether its onshore/offshore energy work, structural steel or delicate refurbishments, we endeavour to do what it takes to get the job done right.

We perform yearly evaluations and upgrades in all aspects of our operations. This guarantees optimal efficiency with inventory control, material procurement, project scheduling and costs. Our  commitment to quality management ensures we consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

RKO Steel Limited has extensive experience fabricating equipment for the oil & gas drilling industry.  Our facility is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and has received 4F and 8C certification.  We are the only shop API certified with both licenses in Canada, east of Alberta and the only shop certified along the entire eastern seaboard of North America.

We have fabricated a variety of rig drilling components for a number of different clients.  We have built and fully outfitted the following units; Generator Houses, VFD Buildings, Watertanks, Fueltanks, Mudtanks, Pumphouses, Doghouses, Toolhouses, Boiler Buildings, Degasser Buildings, and Choke Manifold Buildings.  We not only build the steel structure, but handle all piping, painting, electrical, mechanical, fitting of OEM equipment and final unit commissioning.   In addition to complete rigs, RKO also manufactures a number of key API certified drilling components, such as;  a number of different style substructures, mast, top drive carriers and deadline anchors.

We process more than 8,000 tons of steel each year in our fully modernized fabrication facility. We provide a mobile construction and erection  department, fully equipped to tackle any sized project.

Our 47,400 square foot heavy fabrication/structural steel plant is equipped with:

– 310 lineal foot exterior crane runway for steel storage with a 10 ton two-hoist remote-controlled crane that handles our inventory.
– Under the exterior crane runway are two 40 foot transfer tables with 65 feet of conveyor.
– CNC Angle master, CNC saw and drilling system, and 330 lineal feet of conveyor inside the shop.
– 26 fully equipped welding stations.
– Two 20 ton single-hoist remote-controlled interior cranes on one crane way.
– Two 10 ton single-hoist remote-controlled interior cranes on the second crane way.
– Overhead cranes have 26 feet under the hook and four rolling tracks to convey steel to the shipping bay.
– Fully enclosed shipping bay with twin 5 ton and one single 13 ton remote controlled cranes.
– Priming and painting area.

Our 13,500 square foot miscellaneous fabrication plant is equipped with:

– Five overhead cranes, ranging from 3 to 10 tons.
– 2-axis CNC plasma/oxy-fuel cutting table.
– 250 ton 12’ wide press brake.
– 10’ plate shear.
– Two ironworker machines.
– Plate roll.
– Sander and mechanical style pipe coping machines.
– Radial drilling equipment.
– 18 fully equipped welding stations.
– Segregated aluminium and stainless welding shop.


At RKO Steel Limited, your project is our priority!