Canrig – Three 1500 HP AC Drilling Rigs

Project Name: Canrig – Three 1500 HP AC Drilling Rigs

Tonnage: 1,675

Scope: Supply and manufacturer complete rig packages

Completion: 2010

RKO Steel Limited continued to work with Nabors through it’s  subsidiary, Canrig Drilling Technologies, to assist in the fabrication of three 1500 HP land drilling rigs. As the relationship progressed from the Heli-Rigs, so has the commitment to delivering more complete rig packages. Two of the three 1500 HP land drilling rigs, RKO delivered all fabricated modules/structures related to the rig to as much “plug and play” status as possible, with final commissioning happening by Nabors with RKO staff involvement.

Above: One side of a base component is lifted to check fit and motion to its lifted position.